10 Not-So-Known Things About Dhoni

10 not-so-known-things about Dhoni

In India, cricket is considered a religion. And if this sport was the religion, then who is the God? I guess every Indian cricket fan would agree that it has got to be MS Dhoni. The charming “Mahi” has indeed come a very long way since his first stint as a ticket collector for the Indian Railways in 2001.

Too many have been written about his cricket achievements and about himself in general, but that’s okay because we all want to know as much as we could about our idol. In this article, The Swami Army provides you with 10 not-so-known-facts about Captain Cool. Let’s begin!


10 Not-So-Known Things About Dhoni



And almost half of his endorsements paid him more than $1 million annually and this does not include his own brand name “SEVEN”. Within the same period, Sachin Tendulkar just had about 16 brand endorsements under his name. Can you name at least half of all these brands Dhoni is endorsing?


 And a big chunk of this, obviously, is from all the brand endoresments under his name. That’s a looooot or money, Mahi!


 That’s $150,000 monthly! But then again, this is just a mere fraction of what he makes out of endorsing brands!


 And this critically acclaimed movie had a total earning of $18 million (according to wikipedia), and Dhoni reportedly asked $10 million for the release of his movie.


Because why not! He is a self-confessed bike lover, and he could afford it. So go, Mahi and get that bike!


Which means that  Dhoni isn’t all about spending. He also has a big heart for giving back. This cricket bat was bought by RK Global, an investment group from India, and the proceeds were given to a charitable organization, Sakshi Foundation.


This was back when he was still an 18 year old trying to make ends meet.  During this time, Mahi would mostly stay out in the evening sweating it out at the nearby National stadium. Talk about humble beginnings!

But enough money talk.

Did you know that:


8.) Who also happens to be his very good friend.


Santosh passed away at the age of 32 due to accute pancreatitis, and obviously Captain cool wasn’t very cool with this. Mahi was definitely devastated with the passing of his good friend.

Lastly, Dhoni isn’t just a millionaire in terms of money.


And he has about 7.8 million Instagram followers and about 6 million twitter followers. Combined, that’s almost 14 million social followers. That’s about three times the entire population of Singapore!

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