India’s Away ODI Series Wins

India's Away ODI Series Wins

Today, the Indian ODI team is on the verge of winning its first ever ODI series in South Africa. Winning an ODI series away is just as difficult as winning an away Test series. A series win requires consistent efforts and a stronghold over the home team.

Here’s a brief look on how India has fared in various countries so far; all statistics are for ODI matches played in bilateral series:


England: First series win in 1986

Total record: India has won 3 out of 8 series played

In 1986 and 1990, a team full of skilled batsmen suited to bat in English condition saw India cruising to back to back series wins in England. India came very close in 2007, where they lost due to umpiring errors in the 7th and final match of the series.  The last series in 2014 ended with India winning 3-1.


Zimbabwe: First series win in 1992

Total record: India has won 5 out of 6 series played

In the 6 ODI series played so far, India has managed to win all but one. India lost one match to the hosts in 1997 and another ODI got rained off, resulting in a series loss. India’s last 3 tours to Zimbabwe have all been whitewash victories.


West Indies: First series win in 2002

Total record: India has won 4 out of 8 series played

In 2002, India pocketed their first ODI series win in West Indies when they defeated the hosts 2-1. Before this, India only had 2 wins in 12 matches played across 3 series in the Caribbean. India has won the last 3 ODI series here as well.


Pakistan: First series win in 2004

Total record: India has won 2 out of 7 series played

In the early years, India struggled against the Pakistani pace and their umpires. With a decent pace and stellar batsmen onboard, India defeated Pakistan, in Pakistan twice in 2004 & 2006. They have not played in Pakistan since.


Bangladesh: First series win in 2004

Total record: India has won 3 out of 4 series played

In the last few years, the easiest assignment for India was Bangladesh. India succumbed to their first series loss to Bangladesh in 2015 when they lost 1-2. The first 3 tours were all successful for the men in blue.


Sri Lanka: First series win in 2008

Total record: India has won 4 out of 8 series played

Although the first series win took some time to come, India has totally dominated Sri Lanka since then. The last 4 series results read 3-2 in 2008, 4-1  in 2009 and 2012, and 5-0 in 2017.


New Zealand: First series win in 2009

Total record: India has won 1 out of 7 series played

Except for a solitary series win 2009, thanks to Sehwag and Gambhir, India has not been very successful in the island nation. This includes the horror tour in 2002, where India lost 2-5.


India has played eight triangular series in Australia and won famously in 2008. But other than that, there have been nothing but losses.

Will India finally win its first ever ODI in South Africa this time?


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